Nominating Committee Elections

The results of the Nominating Committee 2017-2018 elections are in!

The task of the Nominating Committee is to supervise the nomination, evaluation and selection of the final candidates for election for ESMO President 2020-2021. The following members have been elected for the mandate 2017-2018:


  • Jean-Charles Soria (France)

Members of the Committee:

  • Giuseppe Curigliano (Italy)
  • Pilar Garrido (Spain)
  • Mathias Preusser (Austria)
  • Pia Osterlund (Sweden)

The Nominating Committee ex officio members are; Fortunato Ciardiello (President), Josep Tabernero (President-elect), Rolf Stahel (Past President), Keith McGregor (CEO, non-voting).

*Elections were open to all ESMO members eligible to vote. Undergraduate medical and science students with ESMO student membership were not eligible to vote.