ESMO Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is a Key Committee responsible for identifying the candidates for the Executive Board positions.

As ESMO grows in size and influence it remains important that we serve our members as fairly as possible. ESMO believes that clear and impartial procedures encourage participation in and support of elections for the Executive Board.

The main task of the Nomination Committee is to select, evaluate and nominate the final candidates for election by the General Assembly in an Electronic Ballot Vote for the positions of ESMO President and the three Director positions (Director of Education, Director of Public Policy and Director of Membership).   

The Committee is currently composed of the following members:


Committee Members

Ex officio Committee Members

Only Full Members whose membership rights are not suspended (due to non-payment of the membership fee in due time) and who were already a member on 1 January 2019 are eligible to vote (art. 17 para. 3 of the Bylaws). 

Members who are eligible to vote will need to login to the myESMO area and access the ESMO Elections page to cast their vote in the Executive Board Elections 2019.

Medical and basic science students with ESMO student membership are not eligible to vote (Art. 6 Para. 1 of the Bylaws). Please refer to the FAQ page for more information.

Last update: January 2020