ESMO National Societies Committee

The ESMO National Societies Committee focuses on public policy, ESMO initiatives which are of strategic importance in improving the outcomes of cancer patients, and in reinforcing the specialisation of Medical Oncology.


The Committee reports directly to the ESMO Executive Board and is composed of:

  • the Chair, who is nominated by the ESMO Executive Board
  • the officially recognised National Medical or Clinical Oncology Societies, that are invited to join by the ESMO Executive Board and are in turn represented by their appointed National Liaison.

Terms of Office

The Committee Chair serves a two-year term which is once renewable.

National Society mandates are reviewed by the ESMO Executive Board every four years and mandates are renewable. The official Liaison term is for two years and can be renewed for one subsequent term.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities

The aim of the Committee is to form a bridge between ESMO and the National Medical or Clinical Oncology Societies to strengthen the relationship and create an effective local policy network of national societies who are responsible for:

  • Identifying common needs and key areas of collaboration
  • Engaging and ensuring the proper involvement of the local oncology communities and health authorities to support ESMO strategic initiatives
  • Advocating for ESMO on the national level

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  • Marina Garassino, Italy

Members - National Societies (2019-2020)