ESMO National Representatives Committee

The ESMO Membership Department works in close collaboration with the National Representatives Committee and the Membership Committee in order to achieve our goals and serve our members.

The National Representatives Committee is composed of both European and non-European national representatives who act as ESMO Ambassadors in their respective country. The achievements and expansion of activities of ESMO would not be possible without the dedicated and hard work of the volunteers who are implicated in the boards, committees and working groups.

What Does the National Representative's Role Involve?

The main role of the National Representatives is to act as a bridge between ESMO and the oncology community in their country. They serve as ESMO ambassadors and advisors by keeping ESMO informed about the current challenges facing the profession and specific national developments in the field of oncology, actively participating in ESMO projects and political initiatives and liaising with their national societies and Health Authorities.

If you are interested in representing your country, contact your national oncology society or Contact Us at ESMO (select ‘membership’)

Last update: December 2016