ESMO Membership Committee

The ESMO Membership Committee is responsible for defining the criteria for the various categories of membership and the process to be applied for admitting members to the society.  The committee also provides strategic guidance to the membership department for member recruitment, retention and engagement.


The Committee reports directly to the ESMO Executive Board and is composed of seven members:

  • Membership Committee Chair is the ESMO Past President, with a seat on the Executive Board
  • Six officers representing the membership community

The Committee is supported by the Head of the Membership Department and Membership Team.

Terms of Office

The ESMO Past President serves a two-year mandate as the Committee Chair
Officers serve a term of two years which is renewable

Main Tasks & Responsibilities

Reviewing and recommending changes to the membership structure, criteria and fees in line with the ESMO Bylaws and on approval of the Executive Board

  • Defining the membership application process
  • Reviewing and approving membership applications
  • Providing strategic guidance to the Membership Department for member recruitment and retention
  • Surveying members needs and satisfaction and making proposals for new member benefits
  • Managing the reciprocal membership process
  • Providing regular reports to the Executive Board


Committee Members

  • Pamela Biondani, France
  • Giuseppe Curigliano, Italy
  • Hampig Kourie, Lebanon
  • Ulrik Lassen, Denmark
  • Gil Morgan, Sweden
  • Demetris Papamichael, Cyprus
  • Christian Rolfo, USA



Last updated: January 2019