Emile Voest

ESMO Council

Function Publishing Committee Chair
Address Netherlands Cancer Institute



Emile Voest is Professor of Medical Oncology and serves as Medical Director on the Executive Board of the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. He also founded and serves on the Board of the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment (a national personalized medicine program involving >45 hospitals) and as member of the ESMO Council (as Chair of the Publishing Committee) and member of the Supervisory Board of the Hartwig Medical Foundation (national sequencing center in the Netherlands).
In addition to his clinical and managerial responsibilities he is senior group leader at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and the Oncode Institute. His laboratory group is devoted to bringing personalized medicine to patients and is focused on the identification of biomarkers that predict efficacy of immunotherapy and chemotherapy. The results from these studies are subsequently translated in clinical studies. These translational approaches are performed across tumor types with emphasis on epithelial tumors.

He has authored >280 peer reviewed scientific papers.