ESMO Practising Oncologists Working Group

The ESMO Practising Oncologists Working Group serves to identify the practice needs of oncologists who are hospital and office-based.

The development and implementation of educational services, practice tools and quality indicators will facilitate the implementation of best practice at the point of care. 

Activities and responsibilities

  • Identify the specific needs of practising oncologists and advocate for their prioritisation within the ESMO agenda
  • Provide educational resources to help oncologists deliver optimal quality care to all cancer patients, wherever they are treated
  • Promote the delivery and implementation of practice tools to support oncologists at the point of care and improve oncology practice
  • Define criteria for quality of care in oncology practice and promote quality standards across the spectrum of practising oncologists’ workplaces (academic to office-based)
  • Support networking and sharing of best practices bridging academic research and everyday practice 


Working Group Members