ESMO OncologyPRO Working Group: Major Achievements


  • A record number of 18 eLearning modules published, and the modules focusing on difficult problems in Oncology (such as Thrombosis, Cardiotoxicity, Management of Hereditary Cancer) are very popular.
  • 51 scientific videos covering important highlights from 8 ESMO and non-ESMO events in 2018 are available.
  • The OncologyPRO user satisfaction survey collected data from 246 users. It showed over 90% satisfied respondents. The results were showcased in printed and digital promotion material during ESMO 2018 and after. Feedback was used to update the site and orient our strategy.
  • A new series, the “How To” videos, launched in December with 4 videos online.
  • Meeting resources from 41 ESMO-organised or ESMO-accredited events published.
  • 5 new Tips & Tricks slide sets finalised in collaboration with the ESMO Faculty.
  • A marginal site content review (following the full review in 2017) has been completed.
  • Topic lists refined to match the ESMO Global Curriculum


  • Organisation of the OncologyPRO Website content to be in line with the ESMO Members’ needs.
  • Gap analysis, site structure evolution, organisation of Tumour Site section: one page per main site including the corresponding Guidelines, publications, resources, E-V-Learning, news, videos, selected content to prepare the ESMO exam
  • Major commitment from the OPWG members and 9 members from different ESMO Faculty Groups which resulted in 1117 pieces of material being reviewed: 114 meetings, 856 oncology news, 96 E-Modules, 51 other content sections.
  • 15 new E-Learning modules and 1 V-Learning module
  • Clinical Trials Resources:  5 new Clinical Trials Tips and Tricks presentations, with the contribution of the ESMO Faculty on Principles of Clinical Trials and Systemic Therapy
  • Integration of meeting resources from 35 ESMO-organised or ESMO-accredited events
  • Production and publications of 63 videos




  • New platform introduced for the E-Learning modules to provide a fresher look, more features, compatibility with all devices (mobile and desktop)
  • 13 new E-Learning modules and one V-Learning module launched
  • On-line CME test for the 2014 Handbook on Rehabilitation issues during cancer treatment and follow-up
  • Assessment of ESMO events and external events (over 60 events accredited)


  • E-Learning programme moved entirely to OncologyPRO
  • 14 new Modules added covering categories following the ESMO Tumour portal.
  • Online CME test for the 2013 ESMO Handbook on Cancer Treatment in Special Clinical Situations
  • Over 90 meetings and events assessed for accreditation


  • 12 new E-Learning Modules added throughout the year further broadening the range of tumour categories covered in the E-Learning portfolio
  • Over 80 meetings and events assessed for accreditation
  • Online CME test for the 2012 ESMO Handbook on Clinical Pharmacology of Anti-Cancer Agents


  • 10 new E-Learning Modules added throughout the year thereby broadening the range of tumour categories covered in the E-Learning portfolio
  • Additional access to the modules provided through the OncologyPRO portal
  • Over 80 meetings and events assessed for accreditation
  • Online CME test for the 2011 ESMO Handbook on Cancer and Nutrition


  • E-Learning page review to add category listings and link to the relevant presentation
  • ACOE CME accreditation introduced to the E-Learnings
  • Online CME test for the 2010 ESMO Handbook of Cancer in the Senior Patient
  • Accreditation of ESMO Labelled Meetings, ESMO Supported Meetings, ESMO Congress, ESMO events


Last update: January 2018