ESMO Examination & Accreditation Working Group

The ESMO Examination & Accreditation Working Group is a satellite of the Educational Steering Committee. It is in charge of preparing the ESMO Examination, which certifies that a medical oncologist possesses the knowledge essential for providing care to cancer patients.

Activities and responsibilities

  •     Selecting exam questions
  •     Supervising exam sessions
  •     Analysing exam results
  •     Awarding the ESMO certificate of medical oncology to successful participants


  • Viviane Hess, Switzerland

Committee Members

  • Radovan Barila, Slovakia
  • Sofia Braga, Portugal
  • Ulrike Burkhard-Meier, Germany
  • Guillermo De Velasco, Spain
  • Jean-Sébastien Frenel, France
  • Mara Ortega Sanchez, Switzerland
  • Jean-Philippe Spano, France
  • Cornelius Waller, Germany
  • Sofie Wingelhof, Netherlands
  • Ralph Winterhalder, Switzerland

Last update: January 2019