ESMO Educational Committee (EDC)

The Educational Committee's goal is to promote education in oncology and ensure a high standard of professional qualification and practice.

Activities and responsibilities

  • Supervising, reviewing and approving:
    • Educational programmes of ESMO events
    • Educational activities and initiatives
    • Certification and recertification programmes
  • Compiling the Educational programme of the ESMO Congresses
  • Selecting experts for the Faculty list


And liasing with:


Andrés Cervantes, Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valencia, Spain

Steering Committee (EDC-SC) Members

  • Fabrice André, France
  • Guillem Argilés, Spain
  • Raffaele Califano, United Kingdom
  • Giannis Mountzios, Greece
  • George Pentheroudakis, Greece
  • Konstantinos Kamposioras, United Kingdom
  • Miklos Pless, Switzerland
  • Stefan Rauh, Luxembourg
  • Stein Kaasa, Norway

Committee Members

  • Jean-Pascal Machiels, Belgium
  • Rafal Dziadziuszko, Poland
  • Florian Lordick, Germany
  • Giuseppe Curigliano, Italy
  • Antonio González Martín, Spain
  • Aristotelis Bamias, Greece
  • Javier Martin Broto, Spain
  • Christian Buske, Germany
  • Ahmad Awada, Belgium
  • Carlos Caldas, United Kingdom
  • Nadir Arber, Israel
  • Karin Jordan, Germany
  • Judith Balmaña, Spain
  • Emilie Le Rhun, France
  • Nicola Fazio, Italy
  • Olivier Michielin, Switzerland
  • John Haanen, the Netherlands

Last update: January 2019