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December 2019: Tumour mutational burden: a step forward to standardisation

In a study presented at ESMO Immuno-Oncology 2019, a first attempt was made to harmonise tumour mutational burden (TMB) assessment methodology to ensure consistency for clinical implementation across cancer centres. However, open questions still remain on how to effectively integrate these assays in daily practice. Read the article here.

December 2019: Towards sustainable cancer care: the applicability of ESMO’s tools

ESMO has developed tools that can support countries to make progress towards the inclusion of cancer services in national universal health coverage (UHC) packages. Two years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) invited ESMO to assist in the evaluation of Kazakhstan’s cancer treatment protocols and medicines, which has led today to the improvement of cancer care services in the Asian country.  Read the article here.

December 2019: Is understanding clonal evolution the key to tackling the complexity of cancer?

A direct consequence of clonal evolution, intratumoural heterogeneity limits the opportunities to predict response and address resistance to cancer treatments. At the Molecular Analysis for Personalised Therapy Congress 2019, three studies provided new insights into the mechanisms of clonality and a dedicated session experts revealed new findings in the field. Read the article here.

March 2016: Working Towards Equality for Women in Oncology

On International Women’s Day, Pilar Garrido, Cristiana Sessa and Giuseppe Curigliano celebrate the significant gains achieved by women over the past decades and discuss the challenges that need to be overcome to increase the visibility of professional women in oncology. Read the article here.

June 2015: Translating Basic Research to the Patient’s Bedside

Denis Lacombe, Josep Tabernero and Emile Voest discuss the exciting times in translational medicine. Read the article here.

May 2015: The new global era of cancer research

Fortunato Ciardiello and Alexandru Eniu talk about how the currently expanding horizons of cancer research have implications and challenges for both patients and professionals alike. Read the article here