Christoph Zielinski: ESMO Presidential Election 2020-2021

A Vision Statement on ESMO's Future Challenges and Priorities

Current Positions

Director, Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Christoph Zielinski candidate election 2020 2021

Profoundly caring about the equality of its members and the diversity of ESMO’s endeavours together with a strong dedication to the Society, I want to turn challenges posed to ESMO and to its members into opportunities.

Christoph Zielinski

Presidential Vision

I am proud that the Medical University of Vienna endorses my bid for the ESMO Presidency 2020 / 2021.

I have summarized my working concept under the headings

  • ESMO Cares
  • ESMO Facilitates
  • ESMO Works

ESMO Cares

  • for the maintenance and expansion of its important diversity while ensuring equal access to an optimal education and knowledge distribution to ESMO members via direct or electronic means of access worldwide and across oncology professions
  • for cancer patients and the state-of-the-art diagnosis and optimal treatment irrespective of their place of residence
  • for its members, including young as well as senior oncologists under the important aspect of rapid development of knowledge and its direct application in the clinic increasing the already heavy workload of oncologists worldwide
  • about gender and discrimination issues including age, race, ethnicity, religion, geographic location or sexual orientation resulting in ONE society of equal members

ESMO Facilitates and Works

  • on the availability of drugs across Europe by generating awareness including the further development of the ESMO Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale and its application in daily clinical life, a strong interaction with the EMA, and the generation of a pan-European understanding on the access of innovative drugs on the highest possible level,
  • on electronic means for the transport of news, scientific communications including ESMO journals, but also on electronic ways for the exchange of views among ESMO members
  • on lifelong learning for young oncologists by an expansion of fellowship options, but also for senior oncologists by reinforcement of their professional qualifications as well as further integration of oncologists from financially underprivileged regions from Europe and across the world
  • on an increase of qualifications of young oncologists via the Leaders’ Generation Program as a “ticket” to fostering their career within ESMO, and of senior oncologists via the support of their continuing professional qualification by ensuring and certifying their abilities in a fast changing world
  • on an outreach to oncologists worldwide via annual ESMO meetings in various parts of the world, but also within Europe in areas of restricted financial resources

Presidential Programme

Points of Gravitation as ESMO President 2020-2021:
I want to summarize my endeavours as ESMO President under the aspect of EQUALITY including:

  • equal access to information on rapid developments in oncology for ESMO members worldwide
  • equal participation of professions dealing with patients suffering from cancer across oncology
  • equal access to highly effective, innovative drugs for cancer patients
  • equally fostering careers of all members irrespective of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, geographic location or sexual orientation
  • equal opportunities for ESMO members within the ESMO leadership according to their qualifications and participation in ESMO-led endeavours
  • Increase political visibility by seeking more frequent engagement and deeper co-operation with regulators and Ministries of health.  Europe-wide access to drugs and quality of care, as well as cancer prevention strategies, are our top priorities.

Current and Past Involvement with ESMO

  • ESMO Open Editor-in-Chief, since 2016
  • ESMO Leadership Generation Programme, Organiser, since 2016
  • Fellowship and Awards Committee Member / Chair, since 2014 and 2015 respectively
  • Women for Oncology Committee Member, since 2015
  • Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale Working Group Member, since 2016 (previously on task force)
  • Executive Board Member, since 2014
  • Press and Media Affairs Committee Member, 2011-2013

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