ESMO Brand

A new era for ESMO: Good, Better, Best

As a society driven by the changing needs of its members, ESMO is in a state of constant evolution. We strive to be modern and dynamic like young oncologists today, while at the same time remaining an established authority figure with 40 years of service to the medical oncology community.

ESMO is a strong society with a clear vision and shared strategic goals.

Good science: ESMO makes decisions and recommendations based on good science.
Better medicine: ESMO employs scientific evidence to develop higher standards of care.
Best practice: ESMO provides its members tools which facilitate best practice.

The branding and logo reflect ESMO’s core values:

Integrity   •   Commitment   •   Accountability   •   Excellence

The launch represented the beginning of a new era for ESMO and a renewed commitment to increasing the quality and quantity of services to our members in the interest of improving the science and practice of medical oncology.

ESMO Branding Guide

By sharing this brand guide, we would like to familiarise you with the ESMO brand to ensure that it is consistently applied throughout all electronic and printed materials. You can download a pocket version of the ESMO branding guide to keep it always at hand!

Last update: May 2016