2012 Declaration of Interest Results

Below you can find the results of the ESMO Declaration of Interest (DOI) Policy set up by the ESMO Audit Committee and approved by the ESMO Executive Board.

The ESMO Leaders completed the DOI form online: the results received via online submission have been reviewed by the ESMO Audit Committee.

 The ESMO Executive Board gave the final approval to post the DOI results online on the ESMO website behind password accessible only to the ESMO members at their meeting held in December 2012.

ESMO members are reminded that the present information is provided solely for the objectives under the ESMO DOI Policy and must be kept in strict confidence. Hence, the information provided shall neither be used for any other purposes nor be disclosed to any third party.

Name Position Date (2012) Interests
to declare
Covers past
12 months
Matti Aapro Associate Editor AoO 2 Mar Yes Yes
Adamos Adamou DCTF Chair 7 Sep No Yes
Fabrice André Faculty Member 2 Mar Yes Yes
Dirk Arnold Guidelines Subject Editor 2 Mar Yes Yes
Jacques Bernier Associate Editor AoO 29 Mar No Yes
Jean-Yves Blay Faculty Member 4 May Yes Yes
Fatima Cardoso Guidelines Subject Editor 28 Feb Yes Yes
Paolo Giovanni Casali Member EXC Board,
Chair Public Policy Committee,
Guidelines Subject Editor
24 Apr Yes Yes
Nathan Cherny Chair Palliative Care WG 13 Sep Yes Yes
Andres Cervantes Ruiperez Chair Guidelines Committee 7 Jul Yes Yes
Monica Castiglione Associate Editor AoO 28 Feb No Yes
Fortunato Ciardiello Member EXC Board, Treasurer 7 Apr Yes Yes
Elisabeth de Vries Member EXC Board 14 Mar Yes Yes
Christian Dittrich Faculty Member 12 Mar Yes Yes
Jean-Yves Douillard Chair Educational Committee,
Member Executive Board
17 Aug No Yes
Martin Dreyling Guidelines Subject Editor 19 May Yes Yes
Reinhard Dummer Faculty Member 17 Feb Yes Yes
Robert Eckert Chair Community Oncology WG 1 Mar No Yes
Bernard Escudier Faculty Member 25 May Yes Yes
Michele Ghielmini Chair Publishing WG 3 May Yes Yes
Richard Herrmann Chair Examination WG 16 Aug Yes Yes
Alan Howard CEO 17 Apr No Yes
Lorenz Jost Chair Cancer Patient WG 2 Mar No Yes
Michalis Karamouzis Chair YOC 23 Apr No Yes
Vesa Kataja Guidelines Subject Editor 17 Feb No Yes
Carlo La Vecchia Associate Editor AoO 3 Mar No Yes
Roberto Labianca Associate Editor AoO 3 Apr No Yes
Pierre Laurent-Puig Faculty Member 16 Feb Yes Yes
Jonathan Ledermann Faculty Member
Associate Editor AoO
16 Mar Yes Yes
Lisa Licitra Associate Editor AoO 17 Feb No Yes
Howard Mcleod Associate Editor AoO 25 Feb Yes Yes
Håkan Mellstedt Vice Chair Developing
Countries TF
10 Oct No Yes
Lars Påhlman Associate Editor AoO 3 Mar No Yes
Nicholas Pavlidis Guidelines Editorial Board
Chair GCC TF
23 Feb No Yes
George Pentheroudakis Guidelines Subject Editor
Faculty Member
3 Mar No Yes
Martine Piccart ESMO President 19 Apr Yes Yes
Marco Pierotti Faculty Member 8 Mar No Yes
Razvan Popescu Chair NR and Membership Comm
Member EXC Board
1 Mar No Yes
Derek Raghavan Associate Editor AoO 16 Feb Yes Yes
Fausto Roila Guidelines Subject Editor 3 Mar Yes Yes
Dirk Schrijvers Associate Editor AoO 18 Aug No Yes
Hans-Joerg Senn Chair Cancer Prevention
Faculty Member
2 Mar No Yes
Cristiana Sessa Member EXC Board
Guidelines Subject Editor
27 Apr No Yes
Alberto Sobrero Chair Nominating Comm.
Faculty Member
5 May Yes Yes
Rolf Stahel President Elect
Guidelines Editorial Board
6 Mar Yes Yes
Josep Tabernero Chair Fellowship and Award Committee 22 Mar Yes Yes
Giampaolo Tortora Chair Translational WG
Associate Editor AoO
28 Apr No Yes
Eric Van Cutsem Member Executive Board 7 Jul Yes Yes
Jan Vermorken Editor-in-Chief AoO
Faculty Member
4 Sep Yes Yes
Everett Vokes Associate Editor AoO 17 Aug Yes Yes
Daniel Vorobiof Associate Editor AoO 16 Mar No Yes
Michael Weller Faculty Member 19 Feb Yes Yes
Hans Wildiers Associate Editor AoO 26 Apr No Yes
Horiuki Yoshikawa Associate Editor AoO 25 Apr Yes Yes
Gilbert Zulian Faculty Member 2 Mar No Yes

ESMO leaders who haven’t filled out the DOI form online

Name Position
James Armitage Associate Editor AoO
Ludovico Balducci Associate Editor AoO
Enriqueta Felip Faculty Member
Karim Fizazi Associate Editor AoO
Claus-Henning Koehne Chair E-Learning WG
Jorn Herrstedt Faculty Member
Marco Merlano Faculty Member
Michael Pfreundschuh Associate Editor AoO
Cornelius Punt Associate Editor AoO
Philippe Rougier Guidelines Subject Editor
Nagahiro Saijo Associate Editor AoO

ESMO members may view the full declarations here.