Immuno-Oncology Technology (IOTECH)

Led by Editor-in-Chief John Haanen, IOTECH is a new, peer-reviewed, open access journal from ESMO.

It covers novel Immuno-Oncology topics and developments, both clinically and preclinically, with a focus on adoptive cell therapy, cancer vaccine development and new macromolecules.​

What type of papers does IOTECH publish?

Led by an international team of expert Editors and Editorial Board members IOTECH will focus on:

  • Adoptive cell therapy, including tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and gene modified cells;
  • Cancer vaccine development, including neoantigen vaccines;
  • Intratumoral immunotherapy;
  • New macromolecules, such as bispecific or trispecific antibodies, nanobodies, designed ankyrin repeat proteins and immunocytokines;
  • Biomarker research aimed towards developing precision immunotherapy, including immuno-oncology diagnostics both in peripheral blood (ctDNA, chemokines profiles etc.) and in the tumor, including tumor mutational burden, single cell analysis (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics), metabolomics, molecular imaging and microbiome;
  • First in human trials, phase I and newly designed phase II trials.​

Why publish with IOTECH?

  • Open access publication provides readers from around the world direct and immediate access to your work.
  • Each digital edition of the Journal will be circulated directly to the entire ESMO membership.
  • Rigorous, double-blind peer review by noted experts in the field.
  • ESMO members receive a 30% discount on the Journal's article publication charge.​

Visit the IOTECH webpage