ESMO Preceptorships: allowing the humanity to surface

  • Date: 14 Apr 2017

With the obvious objective of updating medical knowledge, these dynamic and interactive preceptorships also push participants to enhance their communication, interpersonal and collaborative skills, and to become more patient-focused.

Ionut Funingana - Preceptorship participant
Regional Institute of Oncology, Iași, Romania

Attending the ESMO Breast Cancer Preceptorship course in Lisbon, Portugal, made me see my daily work differently and helped me to focus on the patient rather than the cancer. It was fascinating to meet oncologists from around the world and to see that, although we each had different experiences of treatment protocols, by the end of the course we all had the same aim—to use a multidisciplinary approach to give our patients better treatment. It was the guidance of the experts that might it possible for us to work together in this way and they also took the time to answer all of our questions. As an oncology newcomer, the ESMO travel grant was really helpful and was very easy to organise.

It wasn’t only the academic part of the course that was useful; the ESMO dinners and welcome gatherings were crucial to breaking the ice and to helping us get to know each other and the course leaders. I think that a real benefit of these courses is that they bring together different people who can share their experiences in such a setting that the true importance of medicine surfaces: humanity. For me, attending an ESMO Preceptorship course is a must-have experience for cancer specialists because it underlines the importance of teamwork in the evolution of new treatment approaches.

ESMO Preceptorships

From left: Ionut Funingana, Paloma Martin Martorell, Sunishtha Bhatia


Paloma Martín Martorell - Preceptorship participant
Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia, Spain

As a young oncologist, I feel it’s very important to keep up to date with the latest knowledge on treatment. The ESMO Immuno-Oncology Preceptorship course in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was a great chance for me to hear, in an international arena, the views of an excellent teaching board on this rapidly expanding, current topic. It gave me a better understanding of immuno-oncology across tumour types and what is coming up in future research and I was able to apply what I learned on the course directly to my daily practice. The international reach of the Preceptorship course was particularly appealing to me. I got the chance to hear how oncology is practised in other countries and also to network! The value of networking can’t be overstated in the increasingly globalised world of oncology, where it is becoming more and more important to collaborate in our efforts towards improving knowledge. To be able to interact with leading experts and to exchange ideas with them was a particular highlight of the course. In all, it was an incredibly positive experience for me and one that I will definitely try to repeat!

Sunishtha Bhatia - Preceptorship participant
Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Noida, India

I was lucky enough to have attended the ESMO Gastrointestinal and Prostate Cancer Preceptorship courses in Singapore and I found that they gave the perfect balance of tumour biology essentials and clinical application. The educational sessions are incredibly valuable for professional growth and were the perfect opportunity to meet and talk to oncology professionals from all over the world. Having attended two courses, I can honestly say that not only did I update my knowledge of these tumour types but I also enhanced my communication, interpersonal, collaborative and medical skills. I was able to get an ESMO travel grant for both courses, which is a great way of providing the opportunity for overseas education to many people, like me, who would otherwise not be able to take advantage of it these learning opportunities. I would definitely recommend ESMO Preceptorships to other young oncologists as a way of receiving excellent training and education and making new contacts.

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