National Society Meetings & Joint Sessions: Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply for a National Society Meeting?

Only European national societies that have a Joint Membership Agreement in place with ESMO can apply.

How does ESMO define a national society?

A national society is the official medical oncology and/or clinical oncology society of a country. 

What is a Joint Session?

A joint session is a session held jointly between ESMO and another eligible society. The sessions take place during the society’s annual meeting.

Can I apply to host a Joint Session with ESMO at my event?

Any national medical or clinical oncology society or membership-based society in another oncology discipline can request to hold a joint session with ESMO at its own meeting. Requests will be approved by ESMO based on merit.

Can I have my national event sponsored by ESMO?

As of 2016 the ESMO Executive Board has reviewed the strategy of external meetings and two new types of collaboration are now available. See here for more information.

Can I have the possibility to have my event listed on the ESMO website?

Approved National Society Meetings and Joint Sessions will be listed on the ESMO website. See here for more information.

Can I use the ESMO logo for my event?

Only National Society Meetings and Joint Sessions approved by ESMO will have the possibility to use the ESMO logo:

  • National Society meetings:  the ESMO logo can be used on material related to the specific event recognised by ESMO
  • Joint sessions:  the ESMO logo can be used in association with the approved joint session, but not to advertise the entire meeting

Will approved National Society Meetings be CME accredited by ESMO?

Yes, approved National Society Meetings will be CME accredited by ESMO with ESMO-MORA cat. 1 points (the accreditation applies to the entire event).

Will approved Joint Sessions be CME accredited by ESMO?

No, approved Joint Sessions will not be accredited since ESMO-MORA accreditation can only apply to the entire event.