Collaborate with ESMO: National Society Meetings & Joint Sessions

We are pleased to announce that from 2016 there will be new ways in which oncology societies can strengthen their relationship with ESMO.

These new opportunities give societies the possibility to have their annual national meeting recognised by ESMO or to host joint sessions with ESMO – reinforcing our commitment to sharing our expertise: Across Oncology. Worldwide.

National Society Meetings

National Societies that have a Joint Membership Agreement in place with ESMO can apply for their annual national meeting to be recognised by ESMO as a National Society Meeting.

This recognition entitles the society to use the ESMO logo on event-related material, be listed on the ESMO oncology events calendar and receive ESMO-MORA CME points for the event. The meeting can be in the national language or in English.

Application criteria

  • Applications can only be submitted by national medical oncology and clinical oncology societies holding a Joint Membership Agreement with ESMO
  • An administration fee of €600 will be charged by ESMO for each event application. For national societies in countries which fall within the World Bank definition of low, lower-middle and upper-middle income countries (please see list), an administration fee of €300 will be charged for each event application
  • Any national societies wishing to apply will be requested to provide ESMO with slides/webcasts of the event’s lectures/sessions, either in English or in the national language. The content provided will be published on OncologyPRO, as an educational resource. Permissions from authors should also be supplied
  • Applications must be submitted to the ESMO Head Office at least three months prior to the event

Joint Sessions

Ensuring a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to patient care is one of our top priorities. We welcome requests from national societies and membership-based societies working in other oncology disciplines to host a Joint Session with ESMO at their annual meeting.

Applications are evaluated by the ESMO Executive Board. If approved, we will provide a list of suggested speakers, usually from the ESMO Faculty. This approval also entitles the society to use the ESMO logo in connection with the Joint Session. Joint Sessions can be requested by:

  • Any medical or clinical oncology national society
  • Any membership-based society working in another oncology discipline

Application criteria

  • The host society is a medical or clinical oncology national society or a membership-based society in another oncology discipline
  • The host society agrees to cover all travel and accommodation costs for ESMO speakers to participate in the joint session
  • Applications must be submitted to the ESMO Head Office ideally 12 months prior to the event, but at least six months in advance

Apply here for a National Society Meeting or a Joint Session

The above collaborative opportunities replaced ESMO Labelled Meetings & Supported Meetings as of 31 December 2015.