ESMO Policy News

Global Opioid Policy Initiative, Data Protection regulation, Anti-Cancer Medicines survey, Rare Cancers Europe, plus more latest news from the ESMO Policy team


Date Title Topic
02 Feb 2017 ESMO Statement on Cancer Resolution at WHO Executive Board Meeting
08 Nov 2016 WHO Europe Cancer Control Action Plan
19 Sep 2016 Launch of First eUpdate Integrating Breakthroughs in ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines
26 Jul 2016 ESMO Publishes Results of European Consortium Study on the Availability of Anti-neoplastic Medicines
14 Apr 2016 ESMO Welcomes Final Version of European Data Protection Regulation
21 Mar 2016 The 2015 WHO Model List of Essential Medicines: article highlighting ESMO’s hope that the EML will empower oncologists to demand routine availabil...
29 Feb 2016 Rare Cancers Europe Press Release on Rare Disease Day: European Reference Networks - Rare Cancers or Forgotten Cancers?
01 Oct 2015 European Health Forum Gastein: Alex Eniu (ESMO Emerging Countries Committee Chair) speaks about Medicine prioritisation and new cancer drugs in Europe
30 May 2015 ESMO Press Release: ESMO Announces a Scale to Stratify the Magnitude of Clinical Benefit of Anti-Cancer Medicines
30 Apr 2015 EMA/ESMO/RCE: Joint workshop on chordoma as a model for very rare cancers
24 Mar 2015 Rare Cancers Europe Press Release: Urgent Need For European Reference Networks For Rare Cancers
17 Mar 2015 An ESMO-EORTC position paper on the EU Clinical Trials Regulation and EMA's Transparency Policy: Making European research more competitive again
25 Feb 2015 Rare Cancers Europe Press Release: Rare Disease Day 2015 - Living With A Rare Cancer
04 Feb 2015 Rare Cancers Europe: World Cancer Day 2015: Specific European Reference Networks for rare cancers
22 Jan 2015 Improving Access to Pain Medication and Palliative Care for All in Africa Palliative and supportive care