ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Dr. Ardi Pambuku
Address Ospedale Civile di Venezia
C/O Oncologia Medica
Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo


Contact Tel: +39(0)41 5294537 -

The Centre of Palliative Care (CPC) exists since 1999 and is located on the same floor of the Medical Oncology Unit. The staff of the CPC is composed of a Medical Oncologist (MD), three Medical Palliativists (MD), six Nurses, two Clinical Psychologists. The Director of the Medical Oncology Unit is the same of the CPC. The administrative coordinator of the Centre is a representative of the Association of the Volunteers for Assistance of the Oncology Patients (AVAPO), who plays even the role of the Social Worker. All the intervention of the Palliative Care Unit are economically included in the budget of the Medical Oncology Unit.

The CPC provides a Multidisciplinary Palliative Clinic with a Medical Oncologist, Radiotherapy Oncologist, Palliative Care Expert, where patients who need palliative treatment are evaluated.

The Centre is organised as Domiciliary Hospitalisation. The most services the hospital can offer are carried out at patient's home.

The centre offers logistic aid for the coordination of home care with others clinicians (not members of the Centre) to provide a high level expert care according to the patient's situation.

Other hospital departments often require the CPC's evaluation for tumour patients who need palliative treatments.

When the patients are unable to cope at home or in case of family fatigue the Centre coordinate the admission as in-patients in different wards of the hospital (Medical Oncology Ward, Department of Medicine, etc) or in Hospice (Fatebenefratelli Venezia)

The social support to the familiar and to patients is offered by the Association of the Volunteers for Assistance of the Oncology Patients (AVAPO),

A clinical psychologist offers both patient and family members support. The CPC is annually involved in educational and research activities which promote the improvement of the integration of oncology and palliative care.