Baskent University Dr. Turgut Noyan Research and Treatment Center, Adana

ESMO Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care

Contact person Prof. Ozgur Ozyilkan, MD
Address Dadaloglu Mh. 39 SK
No: 6 Yuregir, Adana


Contact Tel: +90 322 344 44 44 -
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Baskent University, Medical Oncology Department, Adana, Turkey


The Medical Oncology Department and palliative care services of Baskent University were set up together in 1997. Our mission is the total care of patients with solid tumours and also lymphomas.


  • Palliative and Medical Oncology ward
  • 20 oncology and 6 palliative care beds for patients who need in-patient care
  • 13 palliative care beds for short palliative care purposes
  • 25 chemotherapy beds
  • Three medical oncologist (One professor, two associated professors) and 5 internists who are attending a Medical Oncology fellowship programme
  • 17 nurses
  • 1 psychologist
  • 1 nutrition expert
  • Teaching of graduate and post-graduate courses (5 internists are currently receiving formal medical oncology training)
  • Out-patient chemotherapy unit, Radiotherapy unit, Nuclear Medicine Department (PET-CT unit), Radiology unit (conventional CT scan), laboratory unit for biochemical tests,  efficient and effective working Algology and Interventional Radiology Unit, Pathology Department and Haematology Department


The principal tumours treated are: Breast carcinoma, Lung carcinoma, Gynaecological tumours, Gastrointestinal tumours, Urological cancers, Prostate Carcinoma and Lymphoma (with close collaboration with haematology department).

Palliative and supportive care

Staff of the Baskent University Department of Oncology, Adana, Turkey

The palliative care ward is primarily managed by internists under supervision of a medical oncologist. Internists can effectively manage patients with multiple co-morbid illnesses and arrange required consultations that are decided on ward visits. For optimal palliative care, internists have close contact with primary physician and other departments especially with anaesthesiology and interventional radiology departments. We have 13 palliative care beds for short palliative care purposes in the outpatient clinic. All patients have the availability to access all facilities of our university. Our centre is capable of dealing with cancer patients’ problems in a considerate manner and within a reasonable period of time.