ESMO Cancer Patient Working Group

The Cancer Patient Working Group's (CPWG) main mission is the optimisation of patient care in Europe and worldwide, the continuous improvement of cancer-specific information and education, the strengthening of patient autonomy and the support of patient rights.

Activities and responsibilities

  • Providing adequate information about cancer, its diagnosis, treatment, palliative care and aftercare
  • Organising meetings where patient organisations and individuals have the opportunity to express their wishes, concerns and requests
  • Interacting with patients to share concerns and experiences and developing action plans for strengthening the role of patients in the oncology community
  • Helping physicians and other healthcare providers to understand the specific needs of individual patients, to enhance the quality of communication and personal interaction
  • Building strong coalitions between patient representative groups, cancer physicians and other healthcare providers in order to improve the quality of cancer care
  • Assisting physicians in obtaining advice from specialists for rare or complex cancer cases


  • Lorenz Jost (Switzerland), ESMO Member

Committee Members

  • Raphael Catane (Israel), ESMO Member
  • Philip Davies (United Kingdom), European Cervical Cancer Association (ECCA)
  • Francesco De Lorenzo (Italy), European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC)
  • Louis Denis (Belgium), Europa Uomo
  • Jan Geissler (Germany), CML Advocates Network
  • Gabriela Kornek (Austria),  ESMO Member
  • Stella Kyriakides (Cyprus), Europa Donna Cyprus
  • Zorana Stokic (Serbia), EuropaColon
  • Wendy Tse Yared (Belgium)  Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL)
  • Stefania Vallone (Italy) Global Lung Cancer Coalition
  • Anita Waldmann (Germany)  Myeloma Euronet