Current Therapeutic Options and Development strategies in Cancer Immunotherapy

A panel expert discussion

The increase in knowledge about the way the immune system functions is leading to exciting new therapeutic possibilities for cancer patients. A panel of experts met during the ESMO Symposium on Immuno-Oncology (15-16 November 2013, Geneva, Switzerland) to discuss:

  • Critical components of immune therapy
  • Disruption of homeostatic regulatory mechanisms
  • Angiogenesis blockade
  • Expansion of tumour-reactive T cells


George Coukos

Panel experts:

  • Giuseppe Curigliano
  • Jerome Galon
  • Michael Kalos
  • Cornelis Melief
  • Laszlo Radvanyi


George Coukos opened the panel giving his view on how he sees the world of immunotherapy combinations organised. Subsequently, the panelists discussed next targets for checkpoint blockade and immunomodulatory therapy, combination strategies, biomarker development, targets for immunomodulatory antiangiogenesis therapy and ideal patient population for vaccine therapy.

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