ESMO Membership Directory

An international networking opportunity for ESMO members

Did you meet another ESMO member at one of our conferences, but you’ve misplaced their details? Or perhaps you would like to contact someone working in the same area of speciality as yourself?

Access to the ESMO membership directory is just one of several benefits that you have as an ESMO member and is searchable by name, country, institute and speciality.

ESMO members: Sign in now and make use of this invaluable networking resource.

Start using the ESMO Membership Directory!

How it works

To send a message using the ESMO Membership Directory, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to myESMO
  2. Select My Membership, in the left side menu
  3. Select the Membership directory option from the choices on the right
  4. Search for the ESMO member you would like to send a message to
  5. Select send E-mail

Your privacy is important to us. E-mail addresses are not visible in the membership directory and are not shared by this messaging feature. If you would like to share your email address with the person you are messaging, please include it in the message body.

ESMO will not store a copy of your message. If you would like a copy for your own reference, you should copy the text and save it elsewhere before sending the message.

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