The European Society for Medical Oncology provides valuable services for every type of oncology professional — over 13,000 members from over 130 countries, but with a specific focus on Europe.

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Membership categories and fees

Full Member (12 months fee: EURO 175)

Full membership is open to healthcare professionals who spend at least half of their time and work on cancer care and/or cancer research (medical, radiation and surgical oncologists)

Junior Member (12 months fee: EURO 25)

Junior membership is open to oncologists in training until successful conclusion of their training programme (medical, radiation and surgical oncologists in training), and medical students.

Associate Member (12 months fee: EURO 100)

Associate membership is open to healthcare professionals who are not full time oncologists but are actively involved in cancer research, treatment and patient care (researchers, scientists, pharmacists, etc.)

Oncology Nurse (12 months fee: EURO 25)

Oncology Nurse membership is open to nurses working as full-time oncology nurses. Please note this includes an online only subscription to Annals of Oncology.

Emeritus (12 months fee: EURO 50)

Emeritus membership is open to medical oncology professionals who have now retired but are interested in keeping up to date with developments in the medical oncology field.

Special rates

Multiple Year Fee

Members eligible for Full and Associate membership at the full fee of EURO 175 and EURO 100 respectively, may sign up or renew for 2 years and receive a discount of 15%.

Full and Associate Membership ( Developing Countries 12 months fee: EURO 25/EURO 50)

We are pleased to offer  professionals eligible for Full or Associate membership and working in low or lower-middle income countries a reduced membership fee of 25 euros; and a fee of 50 euros to those in upper-middle income countries. This 'two tier' structure uses the World Bank classification of low, lower-middle and upper-middle countries based on the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita and calculated using the World Bank Atlas method. Read more here.

Please note: this fee gives online access to Annals of Oncology only – no print subscription will be sent.

Full and Associate Membership (12 months fee: EURO 75)

We are pleased to offer members working in Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, the Russian Federation and Turkey, who qualify for Full or Associate membership and who are a member of their national society, a reduced membership fee of EURO 75.

Joint Membership

ESMO has established agreements with a number of European national oncology societies which include reduced ESMO membership fees.

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View the list of societies with whom we have an agreement and find details about membership fees.