Kazuo Tamura

ESMO Regional Representative for Japan

Term 2012 – 2014
Address Fukuoka University, School of Medicine
7-45-1 Nanakuma, Jonan-ju
814-0180 Fukuoka


Kazuo Tamura

Prof. Kazuo Tamura completed studies in education (1970) and medicine (1974) at the Kyushu University, and has specialised in internal medicine, medical oncology and haematology. He is now a Professor at the First Department of Internal Medicine (Presently, Division of Medical Oncology, Haematology and Infectious Diseases) at the School of Medicine, Fukuoka University in Japan.

After a year as junior medical resident at the  Kyushu University Hospital, Prof. Tamura spend 5 years in the state of New York, USA, both in post-graduate training, including a fellowship in medical oncology, and as an assistant at the faculty of medicine, State University of New York in  Buffalo. He returned to Japan in the early 1980’s and held positions allowing him to evaluate to the position of chief of the department of internal medicine at the Miyazaki Prefectural Hospital. In 1997, Prof. Tamura moved to the Fukuoka University where he has since held leading positions.

Prof. Kazuo Tamura is the current president of the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology and in addition involved in a number of other societies and committees, including national government action plans in the areas of health and education. He is also the author of close to 500 publications in both Japanese and English.

Dedicated to education and clinical research and treatment, Prof. Tamura is especially interested in adult T-cell leukaemia and lymphoma associated with human T-lymphotropic virus, type 1, prevalent in the south-western district of Japan where he works. He believes in maintaining and strengthening the collaboration, not only with international societies such as ESMO but also with oncology societies of other Asian countries, such as China, Korea and others, e.g. by means of holding joint symposia and exchange programmes for young oncologists.