Jun Ma

ESMO Regional Representative for China

Term 2010 – 2012
Address Harbin Institute of Hematology
Harbin First Hospital
151 Diduan St. Daoli Dist.
150010 Harbin


Ma Jun

Dr. Jun Ma is a Chief Physician and since 1993 is the Head of Harbin Institute of Haematology and Oncology in Harbin, China. In 1990 he was a guest researcher on Immunology at Stanford University, and between 1991 and 1992 he was a guest researcher on the Medical Board of Columbia University in the United States. He was the Director of the Haematology Department of First Hospital in Harbin between the years 1984-1987.

Dr. Jun Ma also holds several other posts, namely Director of the Chinese Technology Association, Director of the Chinese Doctor Association, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology, Vice-Chairman of the Tumour Association in the Asia-Pacific Area and Sub-editor of Chinese Clinical Oncology.