ESMO – KACO: Membership Agreement


Korea, Republic of


ESMO and the Korean Association for Clinical Oncology (KACO) signed a membership agreement in 2016.  The aim of the agreement is to promote education and scientific initiatives to the Korean oncology community.

ESMO - KACO Agreement

As of December 2016, members of the KACO will be able to benefit from a simplified membership application process to join ESMO, avoiding the need for a Sponsor (i.e. details of an ESMO member who supports your application) or the need to provide an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae in English.

Additionally, all KACO members eligible for ESMO membership at the €175 fee, will benefit from a reduced annual membership fee of €130 – saving €45. 

If you are already an ESMO and a KACO member and eligible to receive this discount, please  contact ESMO Membership Services who will update your profile in order for you to benefit from the discounted fee at your next renewal.

You will then be proposed the reciprocal membership fee at the time of renewal.

New ESMO member?

Applicants should follow the normal ESMO membership procedure, on reaching the section asking for membership to another professional oncology society, KACO members should indicate that they are a member of KACO by clicking on the society name.

Applicants eligible for ESMO membership at the €175 fee will be proposed the reciprocal membership fee of €130 per annum.

Useful information about joining ESMO

Visit the KACO website for details of KACO membership and to apply for membership.

NOTE: Membership Applications must be made to each respective society satisfying membership requirements according to the society statutes.  Any membership fees are paid separately to the respective secretariats of ESMO and KACO.

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