ESMO – DGHO: Collaboration to Reduce Barriers for Medical Oncologists in Europe




ESMO and the German Society for Haematology and Medical Oncology (DGHO) signed a joint membership agreement in 2012. The aim of the partnership is to promote scientific activities and policy initiatives on both the national and international level.

This agreement is a means to also cooperate on identifying ways to reduce the barriers to medical oncologists in Europe through the development of standardised training programmes and recognition of medical qualifications across Europe.

ESMO DGHO Agreement Signature

Signing of Agreement at the DGHO and OeGHO Joint Board Meeting at the DGHO Head Office, Berlin, Germany 12.06.2012. Backrow from left: Hellmut Samonigg (OeGHO Vice President), Günther Gastl (OeGHO President), Gerhard Ehninger (DGHO Chairman). Front row from left: Alan Howard (ESMO CEO), Mathias Freund (DGHO Secretary and Treasurer), Martine Piccart (ESMO President), Friedrich Overkamp (DGHO Chairman)

ESMO – DGHO Joint Membership Offer

From 1 August 2012, members of the DGHO will be able to benefit from a simplified membership application process to join ESMO, avoiding the need for a Sponsor (i.e. details of an ESMO member who supports your application) or the need to provide an up to date Curriculum Vitae in English.

Applicants should follow the normal ESMO membership procedure, on reaching the section asking for membership of another professional oncology society, DGHO members should indicate that they are a member of the DGHO.

In addition, new applicants qualifying for ESMO Full membership will be eligible for a reduced introductory membership fee of €130 for the first 3 consecutive membership years.

Useful information about joining ESMO

Visit the DGHO website for more details and to apply for membership.

NOTE: Membership Applications must be made to each respective society satisfying membership requirements according to the society statutes.  Membership fees are paid separately to the respective secretariats of ESMO and DGHO.

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