Ahmet Demirkazik

ESMO National Representative in Turkey

Term 2014 – 2015
Address Ankara University
Tibbi Onkoloji Bilim
06100 Ankara


 Ahmet Demirkazik

Professor Ahmet Demirkazik is the president of Turkish Medical Oncology Society.

He was trained in internal medicine at Hacettepe University and medical oncology at Ankara University. He had been a visiting doctor at University of Nebraska Medical Centre, USA for "Short Term Scientist Exchange Program" supported by NCI in 1998.

He became associate professor of medical oncology in 1993 and professor in 1999.

Prof. Demirkazik is the responsible author of High Dose Chemotherapy Unit in Section, of Medical Oncology at Ankara University since 2007. He is a member of the Ankara
University Scientific Advisory Committee and a member of Institutional Review Board.

Prof. Demirkazik has been a board member of local ethics committee from 1998-2007 and a board member of Central Ethics Committee at Ministry of Health from 2004-2009.

In addition, he was an executive committee member of Turkish Oncology Research Group, and chairman of the Lung Study Subgroup of Turkish Oncology Group. At the present, he is an executive committee member of Turkish Internal Medicine Society since 2002.

Prof. Demirkazik has particular interest in lung cancer, thrombosis and cancer, stem cell and tumour cell mobilization, infections in cancer patients, breast cancer. He has more than 50 articles in international indexed journals (pub-med and/or SCI).

He is a member of European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) since 2002, and a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) since 1998.

He is still working in Ankara University, Section of Medical Oncology. He is married and has two children.