IMPAKT 2016: Register Now!

Registration fees and deadlines

The IMPAKT Conference Secretariat must receive one completed registration per participant and the corresponding payment in Euro by the given deadlines. Please note that Registration per day is neither possible through the pre-registration procedure nor on-site.

Individual Registration   Third-Party Registration   Group Registration

Deadline ESMO Members ESMO Junior Members NON Members Discounted Fee* Student Fee**
Early registration:
24 Feb 2016
€254.10 €60.50 €338.80 €169.40 €60.50
Late registration:
13 Apr 2016
€544.50 €60.50 €605.00 €302.50 €60.50
Full registration:
14 Apr 2016 onwards
€847.00 €60.50 €847.00 €847.00 €60.50

ESMO is registered for Belgian VAT. The fees above include 21% VAT.

*Applicable to participants from developing countries only. Developing countries are defined by ESMO according to the World Bank classification of low, lower-middle and upper-middle countries based on the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita. Download the PDF outlining which countries are eligible for the discounted registration fees.

**Applicable to individuals who are students only. At the time of application, a copy of the student card must be sent at