IMPAKT 2013: Group Registration

Group registration will only be accepted when the number of participants therein reaches a minimum of 10 individuals

Pre-registration has now closed. Onsite registration possible from 2 May 2013

Registration deadlines for groups

Deadline Date
Early registration deadline 6 February 2013
Name lists for group registrations 27 February 2013
Late registration deadline for groups 11 April 2013
Name changes for free 11 April 2013
Collection of material onsite 2 May 2013

Confirmation of registration

Confirmation of registration will be sent via email to all preregistered participants by mid-April 2013. The confirmation is the only official document that certifies registration and this document must be shown on-site in order to receive the conference registration material (badge, delegate bag) from Thursday, 2 May 2013.


Once the participant has received his/her badge, the badge is the only official evidence of registration. Please note that participants not wearing their badge do not have access to the Conference. Loss of badge is loss of registration and a new badge will only be issued upon payment of the fee on a pro-rata basis.

Important information for participants registered as part of a group

Please note that if a participant is registered via the group registration procedure, the group leader must provide the personal details of each group member. The group leader may still instruct the IMPAKT Conference Secretariat to send the confirmations for each group member directly to the group leader and not to the individual participants. The group leader may then collect the participants’ registration material on-site. Should the individual wish to collect his/her own material, he/she is kindly requested to contact their group leader. In all cases registration material will only be given in exchange for the original confirmation of registration.

Name changes for groups

Name changes received prior the late registration deadline (11 April 2013) are processed free of charge for both individual and group registrations. After 11 April, a handling fee of 100 euros will be charged for each name change.

Group registration name changes should be processed directly online. Name change requests by email, fax or phone will not be accepted.

Important note:The discounted registration fee can only be replaced by another person entitled to the discounted fee

On 11 April the pre-registration period will be closed and any name changes or new registrations will be processed onsite.