ESMO General Assembly

The next General Assembly will be held during the ESMO 2017 Congress in Madrid, Spain

2017 ESMO General Assembly during the ESMO Congress

Date: Friday 8 September 2017
Time: 09:00
Room: Malaga

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The General Assembly has the following powers which must not be delegated:

  • Approval of the annual report of the President, the audited annual financial statement as well as the discharge of the Executive Board and of the external Auditors
  • Ratification of the election of the President-Elect which is carried out by electronic ballot vote (pursuant to Article 66 Para. 2 of the Swiss Civil Code and in accordance with Article 10 of these Bylaws) prior to the meeting of the General Assembly and also the resignation or removal of the President or President-Elect
  • Election and removal of the external Auditors
  • Amendments to these Bylaws
  • Resolutions regarding the liquidation of the Society and its assets
  • Resolutions regarding all items on the agenda of the General Assembly
  • Resolutions regarding items under its authority subject to these Bylaws or subject to mandatory Swiss Law

The General Assembly is chaired by the President or, if unavailable, by the President-elect, and deliberates the items listed on the agenda.


  • Composed of all members of the Society
  • Convened in written form (mail or electronic), by the ESMO President once a year during the ESMO Congress
  • Chaired by the President
  • Only ESMO members in good standing have the right to vote (ESMO Medical and Basic Science Student members are not eligible to vote)
  • All decisions, except for other statutory rules, are calculated by a simple majority and an open show of hands

Last updated: August 2017