ESMO Membership Booth

If you are attending any of these events then please drop by the ESMO membership booth, we'd love to see you!

SEOM 2016

26-28 October 2016, Madrid, Spain

ESMO Booth no. 9

XVIII Congresso Nazionale AIOM

AIOM Congress 2016 square

28-29 October 2016, Rome, Italy

ESMO Booth no. 75

2016 WCC

WCC 2016 square

31 October - 3 November, Paris, France

ESMO Booth no. B4 in the Global Village

ESMO Symposium on Immuno-Oncology 2016

ESMO Immuno Oncology 2016 Square

4-6 November 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland

ESMO Booth no. 1

EMUC 2016 - 8th European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers

EMUC 2016 Square Image

24-27 November 2016, Milan, Italy

ESMO Asia 2016 Congress

ESMO Asia 2016 Square

16-19 December 2016, Singapore

We’re there for you, so stop by and see us! Ask questions, pick up educational and scientific material or sign up for membership directly on the booth.

ESMO members

You can renew your membership easily on the booth – ESMO Membership staff will be present to answer all your questions and show you how you can benefit from all the advantages an ESMO membership offers you.