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23 Jun 2015 ESMO E-Learning on OncologyPRO: Validated and Promising Predictive Factors in mCRC: Recent Updates on RAS Testing
23 Jun 2015 Four Distinct Genomic Subtypes of Cutaneous Melanoma Translational research - Melanoma
Breast Cancer
22 Jun 2015 European Commission Approves Nivolumab, for Both First-Line and Previously Treated Patients With Advanced Melanoma Melanoma - Immuno-oncology
10 Jun 2015 Therapeutic Dual Inhibition of HER2 Pathway in the HERACLES Trial Personalised medicine - Gastrointestinal cancers - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
09 Jun 2015 PALOMA3 Results Show that Palbociclib in Combination With Fulvestrant Could Offer an Effective and Less Toxic Treatment Option for Endocrine-Resistant Metastatic Breast Cancer Breast cancer - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
08 Jun 2015 Liver-Directed Therapy With SIRT, Using Y-90 Resin Microspheres, Plus FOLFOX-Based First-Line Chemotherapy for mCRC Gastrointestinal cancers
02 Jun 2015 Nivolumab vs Docetaxel in Advanced Non-Squamous Cell NSCLC Lung and other thoracic tumours - Immuno-oncology - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
30 May 2015 ESMO Press Release: ESMO Announces a Scale to Stratify the Magnitude of Clinical Benefit of Anti-Cancer Medicines
28 May 2015 ESMO Press Release: Challenges Ahead for European Clinical Trials
28 May 2015 European Medicines Agency Recommends Granting a Marketing Authorisation for Generic Bortezomib Haematologic malignancies - Anticancer agents & Biologic therapy
27 May 2015 The New Global Era of Cancer Research Translational research
27 May 2015 European Medicines Agency Recommends Granting a Marketing Authorisation for Dinutiximab Cancer in Special Situations - Immuno-oncology