ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines

Establishing the highest standards of clinical practice is a collective effort of the whole oncology community. The ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines, prepared and reviewed by leading experts, help you provide patients with the best care options.

Cancer research is constantly advancing. Evidence-based medicine transfers the results of that research into new standards and methods for clinical practice. Thanks to ESMO’s regularly updated Clinical Practice Guidelines the decisions you make every day are supported by the informed consensus of the leading experts in our profession.

New 2018 ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines now online!

You can now find the first of the 2018 ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines online:

First title of New Guidelines Slide Sets now online!

View and download the first title of this new way of viewing and sharing ESMO CPGs:

New and Updated ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines in 2017

In addition to three new titles:

we have also updated the following six guidelines: