Zeist, Netherlands - 18 Jun - 24 Jun 2016

For junior clinical oncologists in any clinical research area to learn the essentials of clinical trial design

Congratulations to the eight ESMO Young Oncologists who have been awarded an ESMO travel grant to attend the 2016 MCCR Workshop. We wish them all the best!

Eduardo Castanon Alvarez, France
Noam Falbel Pondé, Belgium
Sanjeev Kumar, UK
Nuria Mulet Margalef, Spain
Angela Orcurto, Switzerland
Spyridon Sideris, Belgium
Shobha Silva, UK
Kamil Zalewski, Poland

Key Benefits

  • The six day scientific programme incorporates four educational formats to respond to a variety of learning needs
  • Exclusive access to and mentoring by up to 40 highly-experienced clinical experts in the field of oncology from Europe, US and Canada
  • Exceptional opportunity to meet and network with an elite group of 80 junior clinical oncologists from all over the world
  • Outstanding educational experience in a unique setting conducive to professional relationship building, learning and development
  • Access to a variety of educational tools including individual counselling designed to enable participants to develop their initial protocol proposal into a complete protocol
  • Active promotion of productive dialogues between young cancer specialists and the European and non-European Cancer Societies


Application for the 2016 workshop is now closed. The 2017 workshop will take place: 17-23 June 2017. Application will open late 2016.

Workshop testimonials


Overall the clinical workshop exceeded all expectations. It was an excellent educational experience, meticulously organised, and run by outstanding and enthusiastic experts with a clear passion for teaching and training.

Julia Cockle, ESMO Member

The Faculty members, and especially my mentors, were determinded to help me deliver a complete and detailed protocol. The obtained knowledge and experience were not only helpful for my study protocol, but will be of lasting value during the rest of my career.

Hein Handgraaf, ESMO Member

ESMO Faculty

  • Christian Dittrich, Austria, ESMO Workshop Director
  • Johann S de Bono, UK, ESMO Faculty Member
  • Emiliano Calvo, Spain, ESMO Faculty Member

Please see the Workshop Preliminary Programme (PDF) for the full Faculty list.