IMPAKT 2015 Breast Cancer Conference

Brussels, Belgium - 07 May - 09 May 2015

Organised by ESMO and Breast International Group (BIG), the annual IMPAKT breast cancer conference brings together a unique community of professionals to facilitate the advancement of a personalised approach to breast cancer management and the implementation of new discoveries into clinical practice.

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Main themes

  • Molecular origin of breast cancer / clinical significance of genomic patterns
  • Mutations and therapy resistance / Impact of mutations in the clinic
  • Microenvironment and metastatic cascade in breast cancer
  • Triple negative breast cancer / tackling the diversity
  • Increasingly rare genomic subsets / worth targeting?
  • Translational clinical trial approaches in breast cancer

IMPAKT Chairs:

Nicholas Turner, London, UK
Carsten Denkert, Berlin, Germany

Conference Founders

José Baselga, New York, NY, US 
Martine Piccart, Brussels, Belgium