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Anticipating the future of personalised medicine

The sixth edition of the IMPAKT conference on translational research in breast cancer will figure out how to best develop and better individualise new strategies to fight against breast cancer, putting current and future issues into perspective. In recent years, translational research in breast cancer has evolved at such a fast pace that it has made all believe that our dream of truly personalised medicine in breast cancer might soon become a reality. However, despite some advances, there are still many research goals to be achieved…

Having laboratory discoveries translated into clinical practice is what patients need, but it is equally important that data collected in the clinic get back to researchers to allow them to dig more deeply into the biological behaviour of the disease. Around 450 attendees are expected from throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Highlights on:

  • Patient-derived xenografts: models for breast cancer drug development
  • Liquid biopsies: a convenient tool to monitor response and resistance to targeted therapies
  • Nanotechnology: potential approaches for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Pathways for drug discovery and development: from next generation genomics to next generation therapies
  • Molecular sequencing: ethical, legal and social implications
  • Clinical implications of immune modulation in breast cancer
  • Dissecting cancer through mathematics: from the cell to the animal model

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