ESMO 2016: Young Oncologists Track

The Young Oncologist (YO) Track Sessions are specially designed by young oncologists for young oncologists and planned by the ESMO Young Oncologist Committee. The sessions are educational and cover topics especially relevant to YOs in their daily practice and/or research activities.

YO Track sessions are always very popular and well attended, and for good reasons: not only do attendees acquire a deeper knowledge on key aspects, but the sessions also provide attendees with a platform for networking with other oncology professionals.

Raffaele Califano

We have an exciting Young Oncologists track for you at this year's ESMO Congress. Together with well known sessions from previous ESMO congresses, the 2016 Vesalius Talk will focus on developing an effective collaboration between basic scientists and oncologists.
We have also introduced a mentorship session, giving you the opportunity to discuss your educational and career development needs with leading oncology experts in three different areas: academia, oncology practice and the pharmaceutical industry.
We hope you'll enjoy the programme and look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen!

Raffaele Califano, YO Programme Chair

Saturday, 8 October

YO Brunch Session, 11:00-12:00, room Lisbon

 EMA approval process for anticancer agents: What should the oncologist know? - Speaker: F. Pignatti (UK), Chairs: M. Strijbos (BE) and R. Califano (UK)

Sunday, 9 October

YO Brunch Session, 11:00-12:00, room Lisbon

How to find the best literature for your paper: Pubmed and other academic databases - Speaker: E. Harris (UK), Chairs:  M. Ozturk (TR) and J. Corral (ES)

YO Masterclass: Harnessing the immune system for cancer therapy, 14:15-17:15, room Bern

The YO Masterclass, chaired by former and present chairs of the YO Committee Raffaele Califano (UK) and Matthias Preusser (AT), features presentations about 'Harnessing the immune system for cancer therapy'.

  • Basic immunology for the medical oncologist – I. Melero (ES)
  • Immune checkpoint blockade and impact on clinical practice – J. Wolchok (US)
  • Combining immunotherapies with other anti-cancer therapies – P. Lorigan (UK)
  • Managing toxicities: Case based discussions – J. Weber (US)

Vesalius Talk: Developing an effective relationship between basic scientists and medical oncologists, 17:30-18:45, Bella Corner (next to room Bern)

The Vesalius Talk is a rare opportunity for a direct discussion between young oncologists and key opinion leaders in the field of medical oncology. This year, participants will learn about developing an effective relationship between basic scientists and medical oncologists. The session will be followed by networking and refreshments.

ESMO YO Committee chair Matthias Preusser (AT) chairs the session, which features G. Pentheroudakis (GR), R. Marais (UK), M. Sibilia (AT) and M. Garassino (IT) as panellists.

Monday, 10 October

YO Mentorship Session, Monday 10 October 2016, 09:30-10:30, room Prague

New for 2016, attendees of the mentorship session will have the opportunity to discuss their educational and career development choices with leading oncology experts. Key opinion leaders will share their experience and vision, both professional and personal in an informal setting encouraging open conversation with mentors and peers. Pre-registration is required but the session is free of charge for a limited number of attendees. Coordination by C. Qvortrup (DK) and M. Strijbos (BE).

Choice of topics:

  • Working in academia – Mentors: R. Stupp (CH), E. Felip (ES)
  • Practicing oncologists – Mentors: S. Braga (PT), S. Rauh (LU)
  • Industry as a career choice – Mentors: T. Lillie (UK), M. Rashford (FR)

YO Brunch Session, 11:00-12:00, room Lisbon

What makes a good review article? The Editors perspective - Speakers: O. Mir (FR) and C. Zielinski (AT), Chairs: A. Tyulyandina (RU) and S. Postel-Vinay (FR)

YO Fellowship Session: ESMO Fellowships and Awards, 14.15-15:45, room Lisbon

Join us for this session and be inspired, especially if you are considering applying for an ESMO Fellowship. Chair of the ESMO Fellowship & Award Committee, C. Zielinski (AT) and YO Committee Chair, Matthias Preusser (AT) will be chairing the session.

  • The ESMO Fellowship Programme – V. Guarneri (IT)
  • Practical tips from a former fellow – D. Kolarevic (RS)

The session will also feature two previous fellowship award winners (selected by competition) who will present their project:

  • Best Fellowship project 1 – Elena Castro Marcos (ES)
  • Best Fellowship project 2 – Angela Lamarca (UK)

The session will conclude with an awards ceremony for the 2016 Research Fellowship awardees and the winner of the best ESMO exam 2015.

YO Forum: Professional development and communication skills, 16:00-17:30, room Lisbon

Chaired by S. Banerjee (UK) and L. De Mattos-Arruda (ES), this session will stage examples of optimal handling of a presentation and interview situation, as well as a discussion on how to become an effective leader and create a strong team. Featuring E. De Azambuja (BE) and E. Martinelli (IT).