ESMO 2014: How to Book a Meeting Room

With so many oncology professionals in one place, ESMO 2014 is an ideal networking platform. A number of meeting rooms will be available to enable you to organise private meetings on site during the congress.

General information

Companies may organise evening events, provided that these start after the conclusion of the official programme of the day. ESMO does not authorise that congress participants are offered any corporate-organised event before the end of the Opening session on Friday 26 September at 13:30.

During the period Thursday 25 to Tuesday 30 September 2014, ESMO does not allow any corporate-organised satellite symposia or similar events to take place on other days and in other places except on Friday 26, on Saturday 27, Sunday 28 and Monday 29 September 2014 in the official venue.

 Blackout times

Date Blackout times
Friday 26 September 12:00-13:30
Saturday 27 September 08:00-17:30
Sunday 28 September 08:00-18:00
Monday 29 September 08:00-18:00
Tuesday 30 September 08:00-13:00

Types of Meetings

Activities such as internal meetings involving congress delegates, press conferences, educational or promotional activities taking place either in or outside the congress centre but concomitant with or during breaks in the official ESMO Congress educational and scientific programme are subject to ESMO approval.

Clear identification of the organisers, purpose, targeted participants and the full programme must be submitted for approval to ESMO ( at least six weeks prior to the event. ESMO has created two meeting room categories namely: Closed Industry Meetings and Meet the Investigator Studio Time Slots to allow sponsoring companies to organise different meeting formats within the congress centre during congress hours.

Closed Industry Meetings

ESMO allows industry to organise staff meetings, briefings, advisory boards, client meetings or other type of closed meetings within the congress centre which  the following requirements:

  • The meeting “is closed” and by invitation only
  • Maximum attendance is no more than 35 guests
  • The meeting is not promoted in the convention centre or in any ESMO 2014 publications
  • Small meetings may take place in parallel with the official ESMO Congress educational and scientific programme provided they do not involve groups larger than 35 people and are limited in duration
  • If you plan to have an ESMO 2014 speaker at your session make sure your chosen meeting slot does not conflict with his/her session(s)
  • Media should not be invited and are not permitted to attend the meeting

Meetings rooms will be assigned on a first come, first served basis and will be rented for a maximum duration of one day.

Meet the Investigator Studio Time Slots

Specially dedicated lecture room are available for lectures, Q&A and scientific dissemination about investigator activities in non-marketed active agents.

  • One room with a capacity for 100 delegates, with access completely controlled by the sponsoring company
  • Logistics: screen, laptop, projector, lectern, one microphone and one hostess
  • Presentations of 30 minutes including set up and dismantling of possible posters too
  • Presentations run one after the other: strict enforcing of timeslot allocation
  • A schedule of daily lectures (sponsoring company and slot time) will be published in the ESMO 2014 Programme Book and in the Meet the Investigator Area
  • Companies can book single slots of 30 minutes
  • Time slots must not be in conflict with the Industry Satellite Symposia
  • If you plan to have an ESMO 2014 speaker at your session make sure your chosen slot does not conflict with his/her session(s)

For more information and to book your slot, contact the ESMO Sponsorship Events Department

Investigator Studio Slots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Third-party media activities

All media activities initiated by third parties are subject to the Third-Party Media Policy. Further information can be found on the ESMO 2014 Press & Media page.

Additional information

For any additional information please download and refer to the ESMO 2014 Industry Guidelines.

Download the ESMO 2014 Industry Guidelines