ELCC 2015: Group Registration

The ELCC 2015 registration fee comprises the following benefits: access to the conference, conference material and welcome reception.

Group registration will only be accepted when the number of participants therein reaches a minimum of 10 individuals.

Register a group for ELCC 2015

Registration for Groups

  • To register less than 10 people, please use the "third party" registration module.
  • For groups the same fees as for individual participants apply.
  • Please contact us (Select ‘Event’ then ‘Registration’) should you have any questions regarding group registration.

Group Registration deadlines

The ELCC Conference Secretariat must receive one completed registration per participant and the corresponding payment in euros by the given deadlines. Please note that Registration per day is neither possible through the pre-registration procedure nor on-site.

Deadline Date
Early registration deadline 4 February 2015
Group participants' details to be supplied 25 February 2015
Late registration and closure of the online registration system 25 March 2015
Name changes for free 25 March 2015
Collection of material onsite 15 April 2015

For registration fees, please see the main ELCC 2015 registration page.

Registration process and requirements

To register, you will need a myESMO account. If you already have an account, please log in with your myESMO username and password. If you don’t have a myESMO account, please create one first.

Your myESMO account will allow you to:

During the registration process we will ask you for the following information:

  • A personal address (Institution/Company or private) and email address for each delegate must be provided during the registration process.
  • Multiple registrations with the same e-mail address will not be considered.
  • Registration for the Congress implies that you have accepted the  Registration Terms & Conditions.

Organising Society member registration

To register a member and to benefit from the reduced fee, the full ID number of the participant must be provided during the registration process. ESMO members may register online, either logging into their profile using their login details, or by providing their ESMO ID number on the registration form. Prior to registering for the Conference, please verify that the status of membership is “active” and includes eligibility for preferential conference fees. For more information, please review the  Registration Terms & Conditions.

Bulk registration

Are you interested in registering a Group by purchasing bulk registrations with the purpose to provide names later?

Then please note:

  • You are entitled to benefit from the early registration fee of €380 per delegate, no further discounts apply
  • The deadline whereby you need to provide us with the participant names is 25 February 2015
  • Unused registrations are non-refundable

Invitation letter for visa application

Administrative contacts can download the electronic Invitation letter of the participants online through the registration system. To download / receive the Invitation letter, participants must first register to the Conference and pay in full. For special invitation letters please contact the  ELCC Secretariat.

The invitation letter does not commit ESMO to any financial obligations whatsoever. All expenses incurred in relation to the Conference are the sole responsibility of the delegate. For more information please review the  Registration Terms & Conditions.