ESMO Young Oncologists Corner

Young Oncologist Highlights from ESMO 2014 Congress

Discover or relive the best moments of the YO activities during the ESMO 2014 Congress in Madrid.

YO Track

The Young Oncologists Track sessions were a great success again this year, packed with useful information especially relevant to YOs.

Find the details of the sessions here and access the webcasts

The YO Masterclass (in collaboration with EACR) focused on the integration of basic science into clinical research.

ESMO 2014 Versalius Talk


The Vesalius Talk saw three key opinion leaders on stage giving advice and discussing with the audience on how to plan and manage a successful career in oncology.

The YO Forum offered practical tips to cancer researchers in training.

The YO Special Session on Fellowship hosted presentations by two previous fellowship award winners who won a competition to present their projects, and included important information and inspiration for YOs interested in applying for an ESMO Fellowship.

Three YO Breakfast Sessions discussed how to handle the challenges YOs meet in dealing with media, work-life balance and in the doctor-patient relationship.

The survey on Burnout in Young Oncologists in Europe was presented by YOC member Susana Banerjee (UK) as part of the Proffered Paper session: ‘Issues facing oncologists today’ – see also the press release concerning the burnout survey

YO Networking evening at ‘Ramses’

Saturday evening, over 130 young oncologists from around the world gathered for some serious networking after a busy congress day.

ESMO 2014 YO Networking Evening


The enthusiastic crowd was addressed by ESMO President-Elect Fortunato Ciardiello (IT), and YOC chair Raffaele Califano (UK).  Speaking on behalf of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) was Dr Andrés Cervantes from the University of Valencia, Spain, who is coordinator of SEOM’s Young Oncologist group ‘+MIR’. Together, the speakers highlighted the importance of making connections and taking advantage of opportunities such as fellowships and abstract-related travel grants.

Matthias Preusser from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria an ESMO YOC member, who attended the evening, said “Mixing and mingling is important for young oncologists. “It is a big thrust of what we do. Your early years of medical or laboratory practice can be intense, but networking helps you to look beyond your daily workload. It puts you in touch with like-minded people and experts who can help you to achieve your long-term ambitions and career goals. Hearing other people’s stories and advice has certainly inspired me; contacts I’ve made at events like this have motivated me and introduced me to further important contacts to pursue my passions and interests.”

ESMO 2014 French YO Group AERIO

Marie Auvray, Edouard Auclin and Constance Thibault, French YO group (AERIO)

Of course, networking is about so much more than getting ahead – it is about making friends too. Saturday saw YOs relax in the informal atmosphere as the room filled with lively chatter.

"Meeting with young oncologists from other countries this way is a good opportunity and a way to create - or further develop - international links, beneficial for our future as individuals and that of oncology as such", said Marie Auvrait, who is an intern at the Hopital Européen Georges-Pompidou in Paris and a representative of the French YO Group AERIO. She continued, "This evening is a unique time set off for exchanging with others about our profession, practice and the various training options in Europe. And all this is in an informal and friendly manner in a festive setting - very much appreciated! Thank you for this evening!"

ESMO YOC would like to extend a big thank you for the SEOM head office for their assistance in arranging this event.

Town hall meeting with National YO Group representatives

ESMO 2014 National YO Representative Meeting

Saturday at the end of the scientific sessions, Young Oncologists Committee members met with representatives from groups around Europe for an informal meeting in the ESMO Members’ Lounge to discuss ideas for collaboration and networking collaboration and networking between the national groups and ESMO. Ideas for sharing information, how to expand networking and develop career and professional development skills were brought on the table.