ESMO Leaders Generation Programme 2016

An inspiring new programme for future ESMO leaders

The ESMO Fellowship & Award Committee is proposing this exciting, intensive course for our most talented young oncologists, who would like to be part of shaping our profession and society into the 21st century.

Christoph Zielinski

I’m very happy to present our new programme – the ESMO Leaders Generation Programme – which has been designed to enable ESMO identify and nurture future leaders in the oncology field.
Participants will also acquire new skills that they can use in their professional setting, providing them with techniques to help them communicate clearly and skills to aid them in building strong teams.

Christoph Zielinski, chair of the ESMO Fellowship & Awards Committee
ESMO 2016 Leaders Generation Programme Participants

The 15 participants in the 2016 Class of ESMO Leaders Generation Programme are (from left): Gabe Sonke, Netherlands; Paolo Bossi, Italy; Ozan Yazici, Turkey; Branislav Bystricky, Slovakia; Carmen Criscitiello, Italy; Susana Banerjee, United Kingdom; Sofia Braga, Portugal; Teresa Troiani, Italy; Michiel Strijbos, Belgium; Camilla Qvortrup, Denmark; Ece Esin, Turkey; Jean-Sebastien Frenel, France; Guillem Argilés Martínez, Spain; Gerald Prager, Austria; Michalis Karamouzis, Greece

ESMO Leaders Generation Programme 2016

What are the aims and objectives of the ESMO Leaders Generation Programme?

The programme is an ESMO Executive Board initiative and aims to provide qualified young oncologists with a clear understanding of the skills required to lead a professional society such as ESMO. Participants will acquire a deeper knowledge of ESMO and the world of oncology in general, as well as leadership, communication and media skills. The overall goal is to identify individuals of the next generation, who will take on the responsibility to advance the oncology profession in the future.

Who can participate?

The programme is aimed at qualified oncologists working in Europe, who are ESMO members and aged between 31 and 45. In 2016, participation is based on recommendation and nomination from a senior ESMO officer only (ESMO Executive Board Member or ESMO National Representative). Applications which were not supported by an ESMO officer, were not considered. However in 2017, potential programme participants will be able to nominate themselves for inclusion in the programme, with support from a senior colleague or mentor.

How does the selection process work?

Participants will be selected by the ESMO Fellowship & Awards Committee based on the strength of their CV as well as their publication and presentation history, motivation statement and the recommendation letter from their senior colleague or mentor. There will be a total of 15 places available, and a balance between female and male participants will be observed when making the selection of attendees.

When does the course take place?

In 2016, the course is split in two parts of three full days each, both taking place in Lugano, Switzerland (ESMO Head Office location).  

  • Part I: 27-29 June 2016 in Lugano (arrival on 26th June)
  • Part II: 10-12 September 2016 in Lugano (arrival on 9th September)

In addition, there will be an award ceremony held on the occasion of ESMO 2016 in Copenhagen in October 2016.  

NB: Participants must commit to attending both parts of the course.

What is the format?

The programme consists of a mix of presentations, workshops in break-out groups, discussion sessions, and practical and situation-based training focusing on media and leadership. In addition, there will be ample time to network with other attendees and the expert faculty consisting of ESMO leaders, other key opinion leaders, as well as external professional experts. Pre-course preparation and bridging assignments between the two parts is to be expected.

Part I of the course will focus on ESMO and the world of oncology: how we work and how ESMO fits in. Part II will focus on personal skills especially in the areas of communication and leadership, and how to further ones career.

What is the timeline?

We will open up for applications to the 2017 programme before the end of the year or early 2017 with a deadline in February 2017. In 2016 the deadline for applying was 8 February 2016 and applicants were informed by mid-March 2016.

What is included?

Cost of participation on the course, course materials, travel and accommodation including meals will be covered by ESMO. 

How to apply?

All individuals interested in participating are required to complete the online application form and upload all required details and documents* - we recommend having everything ready at hand before starting the process.

If you have questions, comments or are in need of more information, please contact us (select category ‘Leaders Generation Programme’)

* Mandatory information and documentation:

To be uploaded as separate files (doc or pdf): Recommendation letter (letter dated and signed by a senior colleague or mentor recommending you on official letterhead of their institute), CV, list of publications, list of presentations
To be entered in online form: Details about your involvement with ESMO (member ID, attendance at ESMO events, travel grants received, fellowship programme participation, ESMO Examination, involvement with ESMO committees/activities), motivation statement (max 1000 characters)