Hamilton Fairley Award Nominations Details

The distinguished Hamilton Fairley Award was established in 1998 to commemorate one of the founding fathers of medical oncology in Europe and is presented to candidates who are internationally recognised for outstanding achievements in cancer science and clinical/translational research.

Eligibility criteria

  • Candidates must be medical oncologists who have made an impact in the field throughout their careers
  • Must be an ESMO Member
  • Be renowned for their vital work and outstanding achievements carried out in cancer science and clinical/translational research
  • Have published research results in significant and peer-reviewed journals.
  • Have not previously received this award
  • The candidate cannot be a current or recent (last two years) member of either the ESMO Executive Board or the ESMO Fellowship and Award Committee

Nomination Process

Nominations may be made by any ESMO Full, Junior, Honorary and Emeritus members. Candidates may not nominate themselves.

  1. The Fellowship and Award Committee Members are to provide a nominee for this Award.
  2. The nominees must not have already received the Award.
  3. For the Hamilton Fairley Award the nominees must be Medical oncologists who have made an impact in cancer science and clinical/laboratory research during their career.
  4. This Award is to be bestowed to an individual
  5. No regard will be given to race, gender, nationality, religious or political views and the choice of the award winner will be made on the basis of the nominees scientific accomplishments.
  6. Nominees may not nominate themselves.
  7. ESMO staff who are ESMO members may NOT nominate candidates.