ESMO Emerging Countries Committee

The ESMO Emerging Countries Committee Members are KOLs that represent various geographical areas of the world and are elected for a two-year term (renewable) and their activities and responsibilities are:

Activities and responsibilities

  • Supporting ESMO members and oncology specialists in emerging countries
  • Sharing knowledge and best practices
  • Developing cost-effective projects to address critical needs in emerging countries
  • Providing input for new topics for ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Promoting the ESMO Examination in Medical Oncology
  • Organising meetings and educational programmes
  • Researching and compiling statistics on the status of oncology in emerging countries


Chair, Deputy Chair and committee members representing major geographical regions


  • Alexandru Eniu, Romania

Deputy Chair

  • Eduardo Cazap, Argentina

Committee Members

  • Adamos Adamou, Cyprus    
  • Gouri Bhattacharyy, India    
  • James Cleary, USA        
  • Nagi El Saghir, Lebanon    
  • Ahmed Elzawawy, Egypt 
  • David Kerr, United Kingdom   
  • Panos Kanavos, United Kingdom   
  • Kakil Ibrahim Rasul, Qatar/Iraq    
  • Andreas Ullrich, Switzerland   
  • Lawrence von Karsa, France