ESMO Emerging Countries Committee

The Emerging Countries Committee addresses the needs of oncology healthcare professionals in emerging countries. The Committee leads multi-stakeholder projects that focus on key international issues such as cancer prevention, access to treatment and cancer control. By coordinating projects at the local, regional and international levels, the Committee represents the global arm of ESMO’s public policy initiatives. Through collaboration with other oncology societies it facilitates the sharing of knowledge, resources, and best practices worldwide.

Activities and responsibilities

  • Supporting ESMO members and oncology specialists in emerging countries
  • Sharing knowledge and best practices
  • Developing cost-effective projects to address critical needs in emerging countries
  • Providing input for new topics for ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • Promoting the ESMO Examination in Medical Oncology
  • Organising meetings and educational programmes
  • Researching and compiling statistics on the status of oncology in emerging countries


Chair, Deputy Chair and committee members representing major geographical regions


  • Alexandru Eniu, Romania

Deputy Chair

  • Eduardo Cazap, Argentina

Committee Members

  • Adamos Adamou, Cyprus    
  • Gouri Bhattacharyy, India    
  • James Cleary, USA        
  • Nagi El Saghir, Lebanon    
  • Ahmed Elzawawy, Egypt 
  • David Kerr, United Kingdom   
  • Panos Kanavos, United Kingdom   
  • Kakil Ibrahim Rasul, Qatar/Iraq    
  • Andreas Ullrich, Switzerland   
  • Lawrence von Karsa, France    

Last update: May 2015