ESMO E-Learning and CME Working Group

The ESMO E-Learning and Continuing Medical Education Working Group (ECWG) has been created with the aim to promote challenging E-Learning activities within ESMO, through the implementation of new CME opportunities for ESMO members.

Furthermore it takes care of the assessment of courses, symposia, congresses, conferences and other educational activities, ensuring the high ESMO standards value and quality, and taking care of the assignment of educational hours (ESMO CME points) to proposed activities.

Activities and responsibilities

  • Foster new E-Learning activities
  • Identify and formulate new CME opportunities
  • Assess and accredit educational events
  • Evaluate the educational activity post-event reports
  • Supervise ESMO-MORA system of continuing medical education (ESMO Medical Oncologist’s Recertification Approval), assessing conflicting cases

Major achievements



  • Claus-Henning Koehne, Germany

Committee members

  • Rocio Garcia-Carbonero, Spain
  • Valentina Guarneri, Italy
  • Ralf-Dieter Hofheinz, Germany
  • Konstantinos Kamposioras, Greece
  • Erika Martinelli, Italy
  • Solange Peters, Switzerland