The ESMO Logo

The new ESMO logo is a visual expression of the evolution of the brand, reflecting both dynamism and authority.
The ‘logo cluster’ is composed of the ESMO logo and tagline.



The colours are the most distinctive element of the new brand differentiating ESMO from other professional societies. These colours reflect the Society’s emphasis on trust, quality, growth and authority.


The tagline

Our tagline represents the Society’s rejuvenated mission:

  • GOOD SCIENCE: is the foundation of ESMO’s premium selection of scientific and educational products
  • BETTER MEDICINE: ESMO unites and supports top international oncology professionals to develop the highest standards of practice and care
  • BEST PRACTICE: ESMO ensures that the best standards of care are delivered to oncology professionals to the benefit of the patient

ESMO Logo Policy

The ESMO brand is an extremely valuable asset to our Society and is legally protected by a registered trademark. We count on your help in protecting it and ensuring it is consistently applied throughout all electronic and printed material.

To request a copy of the ESMO logo, please fill in the ESMO logo request form, and send it by email, mail or fax to ESMO Communication Department. Upon written approval from ESMO, you will receive the ESMO logo.

We kindly remind you that all material displaying the ESMO logo must have been previously approved by the ESMO Communication Department. To this aim, a draft copy of the documents and materials displaying the ESMO logo must be submitted to ESMO to ensure consistency within our logo policy and to receive written permission for your publication.

ESMO Communication Department
Via Luigi Taddei 4
6962 Viganello-Lugano

Tel. +41 (0)91 973 1934
Fax. +41 (0)91 973 1902

Should you require further information or approval please contact us (Select ‘Communication’)